Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Review of INSURGENT by Veronica Roth

I wanted to love this sequel; I really enjoyed DIVERGENT.  But, as with so many sequels I've read lately, it seemed to have too much fighting for the revolution and not enough about the characters.  There was some insight into Tris's motivations and family and some about Tobias/Four's relationship with his parents, but it somehow wasn't satisfying.  The big reveal at the end, bringing a nice transition into the final book, was intriguing enough to tempt me to finish the trilogy.  3 Elves - Recommended

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Review of CREWEL by Gennifer Albin

In this future world, women called Spinsters work the looms to determine the weather, grow crops, determine where people live, how many children they'll have and when they die.  Adelice has talents that her parents tried to hide from the Guild, but she is discovered and becomes a Spinster.  But although Spinsters live well, they cannot have love or marriage, so Adelice looks for a way to escape.  Unfortunately, she has a special gift - one that only comes along every few generations - that makes her invaluable to the Guild.  Can she escape her destiny and find love and family? 4 Elves - Highly Recommended

Review of THE FUTURE OF US - Asher & Mackler

The year is 1996 and Emma just got her first computer.  When her best friend, Josh, gives her an America Online CD, she powers up and finds herself on Facebook fifteen years in the future.  Facebook hasn't even been invented yet, but soon she is looking for her future and Josh's every day.  When she doesn't like her future, she does things to change it, like not applying for college in a city where she will meet her future husband.  But, changing the future has consequences, as she and Josh discover.  4 Elves - Highly Recommended

Review of BORN WICKED - Jessica Spotswood

Imagine an alternate 1890s New England where witches are hunted down and society controlled by The Brotherhood.  Young girls are expected to either marry or join The Sisterhood.  Cate Cahill and her sisters are considered antisocial by the townsfolk, but Cate is hiding the fact that she and her siblings are witches.  Before her mother died, she promised to watch out for her sisters and protect them from The Brotherhood,  but that job is proving extremely difficult, especially after discovering a secret that could change their fates forever.
3 Elves - Recommended