Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Review of Dragon's Green-Scarlett Thomas

This is the author's first novel for children and it is a winner.  As Effie Truelove's grandfather lay dying, he gives her a ring and tells her to look after his library.  When the library is sold, Effie discovers that the ring gives her magical powers (or enhances the ones she already has).  She find other objects in her grandfather's house as it's being sold and when she gives them to her friends, they also discover powers they didn't know they had. With her friends, Effie sets out to rescue the library.  The world and characters Thomas has created are magical and compelling; I look forward to the next book in the series.  4 Elves - Highly recommended for kids and adults

Monday, August 21, 2017

Review of The Apprentice Witch-James Nicol

Such a lovely book!  Reading this reminded me of how I felt when I first started reading the Harry Potter series.  Although the novel is not as complex (or long) as the books in that series, I'm hoping that the author will develop the characters and their world in future books.  Arianwyn has failed her first assessment and will not move on to be a full Witch, but is assigned to a small town as an Apprentice Witch.  Her new town is not completely boring, though; strange creatures, visitors and hexes start to plague the community.  Soon, Arianwyn's true talents start to shine and as she grows more confident in her magic, others start to notice (including her new friends). 4 Elves - Highly recommended for readers 7-12 and up