Friday, April 29, 2016

Review of the Dark Days Club-Alison Goodman

Sorry it's been awhile between reviews but I'm on deadline for my third book, HEMLOCK.  I did have time to read a fun Regency romance/darke fantasy novel that is worth reading.  Lady Helen is preparing for her debut  at the royal court of George III in 1812 London.  The household is all atwitter preparing for the grand ball, but there are creatures in human form preying on citizens all over London.  Scandalous and mysterious Lord Carlston informs Lady Helen that she is one of eight souls who can fight this evil due to some inherited powers; Lord Carlston has this power and so did her dearly departed mother.  If she denies her true self, she will marry a duke and take her place in society but is that what she really wants?  The thrilling conclusion will leave you anticipating the sequel.  3 Elves - Recommended for teens and adults