Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Working away on BELLADONNA

I had a good week for writing!  I am working away on BELLADONNA: Book Two of the Elven Chronicles.  Because this book starts in London and then moves through Ireland, at times it feels like more of a travelogue than a novel.  So, I am tweaking and inserting some action & dialogue to keep it moving along.  I'm sure I'll make a lot more changes in the final edit, but I think it's going to be a good sequel to MARIGOLD.


  1. Hi Marya. Just finished Marigold today. Wonderful! How many books do you planning to write? And when Belladonna come out?

  2. Thank you for buying my book! Glad that you enjoyed it! I'm only about 60 pages into BELLADONNA so far; I got a bit distracted trying to market MARIGOLD... I hope to finish the book in about 6-9 months. There will be one more book in the series: HEMLOCK. -Marya