Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Book reviews!

Finally getting around to some book reviews. The first review is for MATCHED by Ally Condie: Cassia never has to make any decisions in her life. Her choices are decided by society, and society will even pick her mate. But a mishap on her 18th birthday sends the picture of another boy who is not her chosen mate. Suddenly, she starts thinking about making her own choices in a world where that is not allowed. Highly recommended - looking forward to the sequel.
WITHER by Lauren DeStefano is another dystopian fantasy, but with a more Victorian feel than the former. This book has lush descriptions of people, clothing and even food. Tension builds in the book and the ending leaves one wanting to read the sequel.
THE DRAGON OF TRELIAN by Michelle Knudsen is a middle grade fantasy about a magician who must find his magic and a princess who finds a dragon. Shannon Hale readers will enjoy this book, as I did. I'll be looking for the sequel to this fantasy as well.


  1. Thanks for the review - I'm so glad you enjoyed The Dragon of Trelian! Finishing up the sequel now... :)

  2. I really loved your book! A shelftalker at an indie bookstore recommended it and prompted me to buy it. Looking forward to your sequel - too bad I have to wait a whole year! ;-}