Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Voices of Dragons book review

I just read VOICES OF DRAGONS by Carrie Vaughn. The premise of the book is pretty great: dragons and humans, after living together peacefully, have been separated by fear and misunderstandings. A teen, Kay, befriends a dragon by chance and realizes that friendships between species can occur and endure. But, the military wants to stir up the dragons and force them to attack humans so they can take over their land. Kay and her dragon must take a stand to prove to both dragons and humans that both races can live in peace.

I wish that there had been more character development between Kay and her friends and Kay and her dragon. There was a fair amount of action, but it was at the expense of interaction with family and friends. The book seemed a bit rushed and the ending left room for a sequel. Overall, I enjoyed the book and would read the sequel if there is one.

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