Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Reviews of The Magic Thief: Lost & Found

Since I read these back-to-back, I thought I'd combine the reviews of these two sequels to The Magic Thief.  Once again Sarah Prineas takes us to the world of Wellmet, a city that is run by magic.  Her hero, Conn, has lost his locus stone, a magical item that helps him talk to magic and do spells, when he fought the evil Underlord Crowe and the wizard Pettivox.  So Conn has taken a journey into pyrotechnics so he can talk to the magic.  But in Lost, his explosions backfire and he destroys much of his master Nevery's home, Conn is exiled and forced to fight a sorcerer-king in a distant city.  In the next book, Found, Conn is still in exile and evil is creeping nearer to Wellmet.  Conn must fight this evil with the help of his new locus stone, more forbidden pyrotechnics and his friends who still support him.  These books are full of excitement and adventure and highly recommended. 4 Elves


  1. Nice review. I love the "4 Elves" rating scale. Too adorable!