Thursday, January 9, 2014

Review of How I Live Now -Meg Rossof

A very grim dystopian novel, definitely for older teens. I can't say I liked it, but it had some moments.  Daisy lives in New York with her father and a stepmother she hates.  She acts out so much that they finally send her off to stay with relatives in England.  Daisy barely eats as a protest against her stepmother's pregnancy, but when the war starts, food is so scarce that she finally finds an interest in food again.  She has a relationship with a cousin until they are separated by soldiers.  Much of the book is Daisy traveling across country with a younger cousin, living off the land, until she can be reunited with Edmond, her cousin and love.  The only slightly hopeful thing in this book is how Daisy learns to be self-sufficient and less selfish.  The writing is excellent, but the subject matter is depressing.  I think I won't rate this novel.

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