Thursday, July 23, 2015

Review of The Witch Hunter-Virginia Boecker

I loved this debut novel about witches and a witch hunter.  Elizabeth is a witch hunter, but not by choice.  Orphaned when young, she is taken under the wing of Caleb, a witch hunter in training.  Soon she is also in training, believing that witches caused the plague that killed her parents so their capture is justified. But when she is thrown into prison for being accused of witchcraft & scheduled to be burned at the stake, she is rescued by a wizard who introduces her to many who use their magic for good, not evil.  She is attracted to John, a healer who saves her life from a fever she contracted in jail.  As she tries to break a curse that is threatening the life of the wizard, she begins to doubt the role of witch hunters and the Inquisitor, Lord Blackwell.  Although this novel is set up for a sequel, the ending is satisfying and thrilling.  4 Elves-Highly recommended for teens & adults

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